Women seeking equal rights for Il Palio in Siena

 Siena, 19 April - A group of women from the famous contrada (district) dell'Oca (Goose) have staged a campaign allowing them to compete in Siena's world famous horse race: Il Palio.  Out of the 17 districts that make up the city of Siena, the Contrada dell'Oca is the last district to deny women the right to participate in the annual horse race. A group of women took the contrada to court on the grounds of discrimination and as a result of the legal action the thirty women were banned from joining or racing. The group of women are now pursuing further legal action against L'Oca.

Il Palio is a historical horse race that has been held since the mid sixteen hundreds around Siena's beautiful square Piazza del Campo. There are two races held each year in July and August where the feuding contrade (districts) compete for the honour of winning the coverted race. Siena is a featured destination of Vita Italian Tours' The Grand Tour of Italy and The Best of Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche.


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