Traffic banned around Rome’s Colosseum

Via dei Fori Imperiali II Rome, 20 August – The famous central boulevard around the Colosseum, 'Via dei Fori Imperiali’ is being transformed into a pedestrian and bicycle zone on Saturdays beginning August 3.

The ‘pedestrianisation’ of this famous road that runs between the Roman Forum and the iconic Colosseum will begin on the ‘Notte dei Fori’ (Forum Night), organised to celebrate its rebirth as an urban landscape. Forum night will be marked by performances and concerts throughout the evening.

It is a dream of the current Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino; himself a keen cyclist, to eventually ban all traffic through the area. Mayor Marino claims that by banning just private vehicles from the road, traffic will be slashed by 90% greatly preventing further damage to the ancient structures caused by pollution and the vibration from traffic congestion.

This area of ancient Rome is a feature in the signature guided Vita Italian Tour, The Grand Tour of Italy. The walk along the ‘Via Dei Fori Imperiali’ will be made easier and more memorable for our travellers if the current mayor gets his wish.

The Grand Tour of Italy