“As always, our study tour conducted by Vita Italian Tours has been an overwhelmingly resounding success! Their pre-tour preparation guarantees a trouble-free experience for both students and teachers. Their wealth of knowledge and experience enriches every aspect of the in-country stay. The engaging manner of Mario and Viny was appreciated and valued by all our students. They provided a sense of security, quickly making our students feel comfortable and at ease, always encouraging them to approach every unfamiliar aspect with an open mind and a sense of adventure. As teachers, being able to share these special moments with our students has been a privilege and a highlight of our teaching careers. A sincere thank you to Mario and Viny for another exceptional Italian Study Tour”.

Josie Fell & Marina Bassi Teachers Cheltenham Seconday College VIC

“I have honestly found this experience so inspiring and educational. The layout of the tour allowed us to really immerse ourselves in the Italian culture and see so much more than the tourist attractions and the generic beaten path. Gianni’s knack of involving the group and engaging them into the recounts of the past was phenomenal and I feel that each place we visited, such as the Colosseum or the Piazza del Campo in Siena had so much more significance because I understood its history and reason for existence. The opportunity to be housed with a local family in Pesaro was a life changing experience. Not only was I able to throw myself into the culture of a true Italian famiglia, have the chance to attend language classes which rapidly expanded my abilities, freely explore the beautiful city of Pesaro, which I personally think is the best in Italy. I would recommend this trip to anyone and encourage them to not only think of the travelling itself but by how much knowledge and self-discovery a tour of this nature enables. I thank all the teachers and Vita Italian Tours for laying out the amazing trip and for Gianni’s positive attitude and unending knowledge”.

Alannah Uncle Year 12 Student
St Joseph’s Regional College Dandenong VIC

“Prendiville Catholic College has just returned from an amazing school tour of Italy thanks to the experience and expertise of Vita Italian Tours. 34 students and 4 teachers enjoyed most of the main sites – Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast, Florence, Siena, Venice – as well as a week’s homestay in a small town in Le Marche. For me, as tour organiser, the biggest advantage was Vita Italian Tour’s personal customer service. Mario happily customised the itinerary to suit our wants and needs and was never more than an email away. On arrival in Italy everything went smoothly and according to plan – all coach transfers, guide meeting points, hotel check-ins etc. Most importantly the students raved about the trip and it has infused in them a love and appreciation of the Italian language and culture. I would not hesitate to recommend Vita Italian Tours when planning a school trip to Italy”.

Paula O’Donnell Co-ordinator Languages
Prendiville Catholic College WA

“The school tour was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would recommend it to others. The tour was very detailed, and we saw many historical locations, monuments; statues around Italy and each were explained clearly for us to understand. The home-stay was a good experience for us to see how Italian families operate on a daily basis and to get to know a new family in a new country and trying to understand what they were saying. Florence was a great region for shopping and its historical monuments. Venice was a gorgeous place to see water and go on boats all day. I was pleased with every day and am guaranteed to come back to Italy anytime soon”.

Davina Isaac Year 10 Student
St Joseph’s Regional College Dandenong VIC


“"Wow, amazing, superb, brilliant, touching, splendid, marvelous and Oh my god". These are just a handful of the many words that come to mind when I think back to my unbelievable experience in Italy touring with Vita Italian Tours and their knowledgeable, charming and funny tour guide Mario and his smart, kindhearted partner in crime and wife Viny”.

Matthew Milicia
Cheltenham Secondary College VIC

“This Italian Study Tour has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life. Having the opportunity to stay with one of the Italian families was a huge highlight of this trip. I can't believe how close I got with the homestay in just 5 days!! They are definitely my life-long friends. Having Mario taking us around the cities and giving information was so educational and that definitely helped me understand Italy and its symbols. The number of days we stayed was perfect! Most of the hotels were amazing and the breakfast was YUMMY!! I wish I could do this trip all over again.”.

Cheltenham Secondary College VIC

“My Italy experience with Vita Italian Tours was one that I will undoubtfully never forget. It may have been short in length, but the memories made will be everlasting. The tour was rich with vast beauty and information presented so eloquently and interestingly that my attention was always stolen by the words of our friendly guide(s) Gianni (and Mario for some part of the trip. Thank you so much for everything. Italy was utterly amazing!”.

Emma Chamberlain Year 10 Student
Kilbreda College Mentone VIC


“The tour was a rich and fulfilling experience that both broadened my knowledge and expanded my understanding of the Italian culture. It was both fun, exciting and challenging at the same time. In Pompeii we were drawn even deeper into the ancient Roman world. Pesaro was an amazing and very interesting experience as I was able to delve deeper into the lives of everyday Italians and was able to be invited and warmly welcomed into the home of a lovely Italian family who treated me as one of their own”.

Andrea Maruschko Year 10 Student Bethlehem Girls College NSW

“The school trip has personally touched me and provided me with opportunities and unforgettable memories that would not have been possible without the contribution of both Gianni and Viny... two very important people who have blessed me with a priceless experience! ”.

Georgia Stillianesis Year 11 Student Bethlehem Girls College NSW

“The itinerary that Vita Italian Tours provide is truly amazing. We were provided with the opportunity to explore and discover Italy. Seeing the best side of Italy before our eyes. Tour guide Gianni is greatly experienced and knows the knowledge of each landmark, providing us with the best there can be. The trip was perfectly planned out and fun. Hope to be back in the future”.

David Zhao Hong Lu Year 10 Student
St Joseph’s Regional College Dandenong VIC

“A highlight for me was the homestay in Pesaro. I was initially nervous about it but had the most amazing time with my host family and learning about Italian culture from them. I would definitely recommend these tours to anyone interested. Thanks Viny and Gianni!”.

Anika Dawe Year 10 Student Maribyrnong Secondary College VIC





“It was great to experience to what it is like to live in an Italian family. It was a brilliant tour, a journey full of memories laughter and created a great bond. Gianni and Viny were very enthusiastic and always made us feel as part of a team. This journey will never be forgotten and I greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into it to make it such a memorable and successful journey. You are not only our tour guide but also our friend. Grazie.”.

Christina Fallone Year 10 Student Maribyrnong Secondary College VIC

“The tour was splendid, all of the cultural and historical background of all the landmarks Gianni took us to visit really peeled my eyes open to a whole new way of thinking and assessing the world before me. The family stay was definitely one of the highlights of the tour. I learnt so much from the cultural experience (plus the food was great!) and built bonds that will hopefully last until my next trip to Italy. Thanks again for being amazing tour guides, teaching me so much!”.

Laetitia Um Year 11 Student
Maribyrnong Secondary College VIC

“I have no hesitation in recommending this tour to any school in Australia whose priority it is for their students to embrace Italian culture, its history and more. It has been an invaluable experience for all involved and one which many wonderful memories have been created and will be forever treasured. No doubt Sacred Heart students will continue to benefit from Vita Italian Tours for many years to come.”

Carmel McConnachie
Head of Languages
Sacred Heart Girls' College VIC

“I would just like to express my thanks and gratitude to both Mario and Gianni. This trip and experience was more than I could have ever hoped for and the memories will last me a lifetime. The reason the trip and as experience was as good as it was, was purely because of Mario and Gianni's extensive and endless knowledge of all the sites and various attractions and landmarks, their infectious enthusiasm and happiness and their precision and organisation; constantly ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. Although everyday was long and jam packed with activities and attractions. Each day was thoroughly enjoyable and enriching. Each church was more beautiful than the previous one and each museum was more interesting. I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the quizzes which were useful in allowing me to remember the key information from each city/region. A once in a lifetime opportunity of being involved in the Home stay in Pesaro was a highlight. Thanks a lot Mario and Gianni!”.

Annie Year 10 Student
Sacred Heart Girls' College VIC

“The quizzes held every day were a brilliant idea to keep the students alert and engaged. I was initially a little nervous of how the homestay component was going to work, but it was a very positive experience for most of the students. The Pesaro leg of the journey was also very valuable because it gave the students the opportunity to see a side of Italy that most tourists don't see, and gave them a real feel of Italian life. I also appreciated the accommodation for staff well done! I think it was a blessing that we had coach travel replaced by train travel. Many of the students were blown away by the train - so different to what they're used to in Australia. Well done to Gianni, Mario and Viny on such a smooth operation.”.

Joe Gallo Italian Language Teacher
Kilbreda College Mentone VIC

“I have no idea where to start! This Italy trip was my first ever International trip and holiday and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. There is not one place that was my favourite or an activity but instead I loved every day because it was different. I have met so many new people on this trip, strengthened friendships and made so many memories that I will have for the rest of my life. There were many funny, exciting, stressful and how, far how long moments. Thank you so much Viny and Gianni for giving us your knowledge, sharing experiences with us, being patient and making this trip happen.”.

Elaine Greeley Year 9 Student Maribyrnong Secondary College VIC

“In short it was a well-balanced Study Tour and one we would thoroughly recommend. Looking forward to the pleasure of knowing that another group of Kilbreda students will be embarking on another Vita Italian Tour in the near future.”.

Rosalie Padovan Italian Teacher
Kilbreda College Mentone VIC

“The tour was great – I learnt a lot and enjoyed the places we visited. I liked the attention we received from Gianni, Viny and Riccardo. Over and above, thank you! ”.

Janet Mann
Assistant Principal
Bethlehem Girls College NSW

“Brilliant itinerary, friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. Excellent accommodation. A truly wonderful educational and cultural experience. I had a fantastic time!”.

Michael Dolan Teacher
Maribyrnong College VIC

“I had an amazing time and loved seeing beautiful places and things in Italy. I did learn a lot and thought the quizzes were great for remembering what we learnt. Really enjoyed all the restaurants we went to and the hotels we stayed at as they were close (walking distance) to most things. Great time, made new friends and enjoyed seeing all the churches and ancient Roman artefacts. Pesaro was a cute town and nice to live with a family there. It was an amazing experience and would do it again!!”.

Isabella Tudisca Year 10 Student Kilbreda College Mentone VIC

“Gianni and Viny provided a comprehensive and expertly delivered tour of Italy. The range of places/sites that we visited helped students to develop a stronger understanding of Italian history and culture. Hotels and meals were at a good standard. Home-stay experience worked really well and the students all loved their families. Thank you for a fantastic trip!”.

Fiona Walker History & Geography Teacher Maribyrnong College VIC

“This tour was a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience, the beauty and wonders you see on this tour is breathtaking and unforgettable. I strongly recommend that you should give it a go. Our dear tour guide Mario, he is the most intelligent, kind, loving and gentle soul you will ever meet. We all love you Mario and we are going to miss you so much, I will never forget you. Thank you so much”.

Luke Year 10 Student
Cheltenham Secondary College VIC

“Pesaro and the Language school was really good because it extended my vocabulary, the beach was lovely, the gelato was amazing, the best I have ever had. I just loved Italy and the cultural differences it showed me. I have learnt a lot of things about how a different part of the world operates, which I think is really cool and I am really greatful to have shared it with such kind, caring and compassionate people and I want to study Italian more and more every time I look at a photo of me in Italy with my friends.”.

Molly Year 10
St Joseph’s College Echuca

“This trip was amazing. I learnt so many interesting facts about the history and current times of Italy. My favourite thing in this trip had to be the home stay. I learnt so much about the Italian lifestyle and made new friends along the way. Thanks to Viny and Gianni for making this trip possible. They made the trip so much fun and enjoyable as well as being good friends along the way. Thanks so much.”.

Rupert Fischer Year 9 Student
Maribyrnong Secondary College VIC

“I enjoyed seeing the cities and popular places, but I also really enjoyed the fact that we got to go to Pesaro and experience Italian culture from a smaller town perspective. Now I understand the Italian culture and the way they live on a whole new level in a way which I never would have learnt from the classroom.”.

Keely Year 9 Student
St Joseph’s College Echuca





“The tour was invaluable in strengthening the girls’ capacity to communicate effectively in Italian, particularly through the home-stay experience and the Italian language lessons held in the tranquil yet beautiful town of Mondavio. I’m sure this Italian tour will provide the girls with memories that will last a lifetime. I particularly thank Mario, Gianni, Viny and other members of VITA ITALIAN TOURS for their energy, flexibility and professionalism as tour leaders”.

Mrs Anna Dickinson
Bethlehem College Ashfield NSW

“The 2009 trip was such a success and sparked so much interest that we followed it up with a 2011 tour with 20 students! Mario, Viny and now Gianni (their son) are wonderful in terms of leading the tour, catering for our students and their interests, but most of all they’re so passionate about what they do, they make the experience come alive and alleviate the pressures of the teachers on tour”.

Linda Palermo
Languages Teacher
Cheltenham Secondary College, VIC

“The home stay was just a fantastic experience, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay with an Italian family and live the same way as them!

Tour guides Mario, Viny and Gianni gave us the best experience of our lives over in Italy. We’re coming back with all new Italian words and phrases in our head and new gelato and pasta tastes in our mouths.

The tour was made that more special with all the close friends that you make.”

Year 9 Student
St John’s Regional College, VIC


“With our friendly tour guides Mario and Viny leading the way, we managed to go to so many wonderful places: Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Pesaro, Urbania, Siena, Florence and Venice”.

Year 10 student
Cheltenham Secondary College, VIC

“Overall, the trip was absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience which I will never forget. We travelled to some of the most amazing places and saw some of the most beautiful things. Thank you Mario and Viny for sharing this delightful experience with us”.

Zsa Zsa
Year 10 student
Fitzroy High School, VIC

“Personally, I thought the Italy trip was fantastic. The hotels were great. The tour really catered for everyone which was good. The tour guides were amaqzing and I really enjoyed spending time with Mario and Viny”.

Year 10 student
Fitzroy High School, VIC

“Our tour of Italy was a wonderful success. Mario’s impeccable organisation and eagerness to meet the needs of our school set the tone for a wonderful trip and this materialised beautifully in Italy. Every day was full of interest and excitement, our students were continually being challenged to extend their understanding of Italian culture and history by our knowledgeable tour leaders. I would like to thank Mario, Gianni and Viny for the smooth running of the tour and for being so gracious, pleasant and accommodating”.

Ettore Cinque
Teacher-in-Charge of Languages
Bethlehem College Ashfield, NSW

“The tour has been an immensely enjoyable, satisfying and enriching experience for all of us. Gianni, Viny and Mario have been an absolute pleasure to travel with.”.

Lisa Finamore
Language Teacher
St John’s Regional College, VIC


“The sights we saw, the people we met, the food we ate, particularly the huge amounts of gelati we consumed were what made our Italian “Study” tour so fantastic. From Rome to the Amalfi Coast, to our challenging Italian speaking home-stay in Mondavio, and from Florence to Venice, it was truly the experience of a lifetime”.

Year 10 students
Cheltenham Secondary College, VIC

“The trip was much more than a holiday – it was an educational, cultural and spiritual journey”.

Year 10 student
Bethlehem College Ashfield NSW