Rome’s Trevi Fountain Reopens


Rome's Trevi Fountain Reopens


Thursday 10 November, Rome - Rome's Trevi Fountain Reopens. After seventeen months of reconstruction at a cost of around 2.2million Euros ($2.4m), the world's most renowned icon of Rome, the Fontana di Trevi (Fountain of Trevi) has reopened to public delight. Once again the people of Rome and from around the world will be able to marvel at the wondrous 300 year old monument and enjoy its clear blue waters.

Rome based fashion giants Fendi paid for the repairs as part of their 'Fendi for Fountains' project which began the task of preserving and maintaining iconic fountains of Rome and plans to restore several other fountains of Rome.


Trevi Fountain Renovation


The Trevi Fountain was created by Italian architect Nicola Salvi after being commissioned by Pope Clement X11 in 1732.

Famous Italian director Fellini contributed to the fountains fame through his movies 'La Dolce Vita' with Anita Ekberg who wades into the fountain with an elegant black gown and 'Roman Holiday' with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Since then, people have flocked to the fountain to throw a coin over their shoulder wishing to return to Rome.

On Tuesday 3 November, the fountain was reopened and huge crowds packed the small square hugging and kissing which tradition says that they will have eternal love if they drink the waters of the fountain.

Vita Italian Tours stops at the Trevi Fountain on several of their tours for travellers to admire the marvel of the fountain and enjoy throwing their coin in the hope of returning to Rome.