Is Pope Francis a modern-day superhero?

Pope Francis Superhero Vatican, 30 April - Is Pope Francis a modern-day superhero? The media-friendly and always smiling and humble Pontiff was named the person of the year ahead of Barack Obama and Edward Snowden by Rolling Stone magazine. Soon after this naming, a local artist depicted him on a mural on a wall near the Vatican City as the modern Superman or white capped crusader, in mid flight with rosary beads around his neck and a black briefcase.

Pope Francis, who has become the people's pope, is inviting record crowds at papal events at the Vatican. He is revered by people around the world for breaking from tradition through his decision to live in a humble flat and his inclusive attitudes to human rights, gay marriage, birth control and abortion. He reaches out to the young, migrants and the poor which has boosted his popularity and his charisma is apparent through searches and comments on social media such as magazines, Google and twitter.

On our Grand Tour, travellers have the experience of visiting St Peters Basilica and square where Pope Francis presents himself to the public on Wednesdays.