Panino protest in Rome’s Capitol Hill

Giant Panino Rome Rome, 13 February  - Travellers on The Grand Tour of Italy get the opportunity to visit the Campidoglio or Capitol Hill, Rome’s seat of power for more than 2000 years dating back to the time of Caesar and Emperor Augustus.

Last month surprised travellers and locals alike were greeted by the sight of a giant 'panino' in the middle of the piazza. Strategically positioned in front of the Mayoral office,  the giant sandwich was a symbol of protest over a new, so called ‘anti-panino’ law,  in which you can face a fine of up to €500 for eating on or next to famous landmarks such as the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.

Similar measures have been introduced in St. Marks Square in Venice. In Florence during the summer tourist period, ropes cordon off the steps around the famous Duomo to avoid people lounging and eating in front of the famous Cathedral. There has been much opposition to the new ban in Rome, however city officials maintain it is a necessary measure in order to ensure citizens and tourists alike respect the beauty of these ancient monuments.