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Vita Italian Tours love to introduce travellers to the lesser-known areas of Italy, in particular, Le Marche Region which lies on the eastern side of Central Italyon the Adriatic coast. The region borders withTuscany and Umbria. We have an 11 day tour exploring the treasures of this unspoilt region which apart from being Italy’s “best kept secret”, it is rapidly becoming the new holiday destination for travellers looking for a taste of the real Italy.

 Moretta: caffe` corretto
A caffè corretto, a shot of espresso coffee cut with strong liquor, is an invigorating staple in bars across Italy, but at Fano in the northern Marche it reaches an art form with the local moretta. This potent cocktail is a blend of three spirits - aniseed-based anice, rum and brandy - sugar and a twist of lemon peel, topped up with strong, hot coffee. It should be prepared with care to keep three layers - the spirits, the coffee and the fine foam on top - and is always served in a small, clear glass. The drink is said to originate amongst the fishermen and sailors at theport ofFano to keep them warm at work.

 Keep them coming
Le Marche has again been one of the few Italian regions to see an annual increase in the number of tourists. This summer (June to August) saw 1.9 million tourists arriving in the region, almost 2 percent more than the same period last year. The number of foreign visitors rose by a remarkable 6.8 percent. It is still a region unravaged by mass tourism.

 How much is that truffle in the window?
The white truffle season is still in full swing in Le Marche. But if you want to indulge before the season ends on 31 December, bear in mind that prices this year for the sought after Tuber magnatum pico, or white truffle, have reached over Euro 3,000 per kilo. Expect bills in restaurants serving tartufi bianchi to be heavily "seasoned". One of the days in the ‘Tour of Le Marche Region’ is devoted to truffle hunting with a local professional hunter and his dog.

Rental health
Police authorities in the region have recently been carrying out investigations to identify illegal holiday rentals, and owners who rent out their properties without proper authorization from their local comune risk serious fines as well as claims for unpaid tax.
They may also faces fines of up to Euro 1,800 for failing to register guests with the local police. Absolutely anyone offering accommodation, including B&Bs, must register all guests within 24 hours of their arrival. This can now be done online so is hardly onerous - unless, of course, your aim is to evade paying tax.
If people tell you none of this is necessary, you should be aware that more and more owners of rental properties who do play by the rules are getting tired of the unfair competition from those who don't, and are ever keener to help the authorities stamp out such illegal activity.

There are four universities in LeMarche - Urbino,Ancona, Camerino and Macerata. Camerino claims to be the oldest, dating back to 1336, whileAncona was only founded in 1969.

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