Milan Expo 2015


Friday 19 June, Milan - Milan Expo 2015. The focus of the world is once again on Milan, Italy for the 67th edition of the World Expo. Milan Expo 2015 takes place from May 1 to October 31 and has the theme of "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life".



There are over 140 countries from different parts of the world that from their individual country Pavilions will be showcasing and sharing the latest technologies which are used in producing foods to feed the entire planet in sustainable ways. These technologies illustrate the most innovative ways we have today of growing enough food for the entire world, while at the same time protecting the precious resources of the planet.

On a huge site that covers over one million square meters north west of Milan, the Expo 2015 allows people from different walks of life to share their ideas and solutions on the theme of food in order to promote creativity and innovation to other countries to move forward for a sustainable future.


Italian Pavillion Expo 2015
The Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015


The Exhibition is attracting millions of visitors from around the world who are interested in learning about agri food and traditional gastronomic dishes. Most importantly they will be able to taste amazing dishes from all over the world.

To coincide with our Northern Lakes and Dolomites Tour which is due to begin in Milan on 29 June we have booked many of our travellers tickets to visit this monumental event before coming to explore the beautiful Northern Lakes region of Italy with us.


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