Mediterranean diet to become law

 Rome, 16 November - On our small group tours to Italy, we like to introduce our travellers to the abundance of fresh seasonal produce and traditional local food that Italian cuisine has to offer.

This week in Rome, Senators have put forward a bill intended to promote the Mediterranean diet which is such a key part of Italian cuisine and indeed the Italian way of life. Some aspects of the bill are: to make November 16 a national day dedicated to the promotion of eating the Mediterranean way and giving certain typical products a special seal so they may be identifiable as part of the dietary regime.

Features of a rich Mediterranean diet include lots of fresh produce such as olive oil, beans, fruits, nuts, legumes and of course every meal would not be complete without a good glass of Italian wine. More importantly, the Mediterranean diet is also not only about the specific foods you eat but also a way of living your life. A way of life that involves sitting down to savour meals slowly and sharing food and wine together with family and friends.

Travellers on a Vita Italian Tour get the opportunity to experience this way of life with relaxed lunches and dinners in local restaurants and trattorie.

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