Leonardo masterpiece in Urbino

La Bella Principessa I Urbino, 22 January - Leonardo masterpiece in Urbino. For the first time a portrait, attributed to the great master Leonardo da Vinci from around 1495, was displayed for a short period in the Throne Room of the Ducal Palace of Urbino in December and January.

The famous portrait is of a young woman of Milano 'Bianca Sforza'. The artwork depicts a princess, first daughter of the Duke of Milano, who died tragically at fourteen years of age. This masterpiece is called 'La Bella Principessa' and is only 33 x 29.2cm in size. It was painted with chalk and ink, black pencil, red and white pencil on parchment (or vellum). The work of art comes from a private collection and due to its delicate state has been rarely exhibited. It is currently estimated to be worth around €107 million.

Urbino is a most important city of the Renaissance with many famous artistic pieces in the National Gallery of Le Marche. The Ducal Palace of Urbino is a highlight in a number of tours conducted by Vita Italian Tours.

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