Italy feels the need for speed


Rome, 5 July - A new and innovative high speed private train service ‘Italo’, has been introduced in Italy which competes directly with established train services ‘Trenitalia’.

The trains are run by a consortium of Italian businessmen NTV which includes Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo and billionaire head of luxury shoemaker Tod’s Diego della Valle.

At 360 km/h 'Italo' train service offers essential features of safe, comfortable and sustainable travel. Designed from 98% recyclable materials, this train boasts Wi-Fi, live TV, low energy consumption, more comfort and space for travellers and quieter journeys. The train itself with its sleek red design and comfortable leather seating is the equivalent of a ‘Ferrari on rails’. ‘Italo’ fares start from an affordable 20 euros with the aspiration to capture twenty percent of the domestic rail market in Italy.  

On many of our past and forthcoming school tours students get the opportunity to travel on the high speed trains to destinations such as Venice, Milano and Florence.

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