Italian Prosecco outsells French Champagne

Prosecco2 Veneto, 30 December - Italian Prosecco is more popular than it’s more famous and pricier competitor French Champagne. According to ANSA around the world sales of Prosecco and other Italian sparkling varieties in 2013 have increased substantially and their popularity is constantly growing.

The Prosecco grape is predominantly grown in northeastern Italy in the Veneto region. In the tiny valley of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, where the finest Prosecco makers are, the wine enjoys a DOCG certification. This certification is handed down by the Italian government and is the highest ranking and stringently regulated designation for an Italian wine region.

A reason for the rise in the popularity of Prosecco is that it is a less expensive option for consumers when compared to French Champagne or other sparkling Italian varieties. This is largely due to the production process as Prosecco undergoes secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks rather than the more expensive method of fermentation in individual bottles. Prosecco can vary from drier and crispier to slightly fruitier varieties depending on the amount of residual sugar in the wine.

Prosecco can be enjoyed at anytime of the year and is also a perfect way to toast your New Year celebrations. A very popular way to drink Prosecco in the warmer months is when mixed with Aperol and soda in a drink called an ‘Aperol Spritz’, always a favourite aperitivo with travellers on all our Vita Italian Tours.