Hidden Da Vinci masterpiece found

Florence, 23 May – Florence, the artistic capital of Italy, is the final destination on The Grand Tour of Italy. The group has enjoyed taking in the great Renaissance masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery including incredible works by Boticelli, Michelangelo and of course Leonardo Da Vinci.

Researchers in Firenze believe they may have uncovered evidence that Da Vinci’s unfinished painting of the ‘Battle of Anghari’, thought to have been lost, lies behind a Giorgio Vasari fresco in the Palazzo Ducale. The international team of researchers discovered a black pigment not too dissimilar from the one Da Vinci used in his masterpieces of ‘St John the Baptist’ and the ‘Mona Lisa’ both exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.

The research is still in the preliminary stages, however if it is able to be confirmed could be considered one of the biggest discoveries of this century.

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