Generational Coffee in Pesaro

Generational Coffee in Pesaro Pesaro, 22 October - We, at Vita Italian Tours, are always trying to introduce our travellers to new and authentic places that exhibit local charm, style and that certain ‘Italianita`’. Travellers on our tours always remark how they love the feel of regional Italy and in particular the seaside town of Pesaro, in Le Marche Region.

In Pesaro, there is a quintessential Italian cafe`, central to the lives of so many locals which plays host to great debates on politics, sport and current affairs. It is a place for a momentary escape from the daily grind where one enjoys the slowly extracted pure liquid gold in a cup: the expresso! So when we are in Pesaro, we regularly go to this little gem and would like to share its unique story.

Like so many things in Italy, the family is central to everything. Here we have the 'Caffe Barriere', located close to the main square and run by the Rinaldo family who work together in what has been their labour of love for three generations. Paolo and Carla along with son Andrea, daughter Samuela and granddaughter Eleonora pour all their passion into every cup of coffee to the throws of locals who come from nearby and far away to experience their unique coffee and great hospitality. Their signature coffee that keeps people coming back is their ‘caffe completo’ an expresso coffee infused with zabaglione and a cold sugared crema. The effect is a creamy coffee explosion of flavor in your mouth sure to keep you buzzing all day!

Come an experience this fascinating local along with many others just like it on one of our tours.


Photo of three generations of the Rinaldo family; Carla, Samuela and Eleonora.