Ferrari worlds most powerful brand

Ferrari Modena, 28 February – The iconic sports car maker Ferrari has topped the list of the 500 most powerful brands in the world for the second year in as row.

Ferrari’s logo of the prancing stallion beat Coca Cola and PriceWaterhouseCoopers respectively in second and third place, with Google fifth and Disney tenth.

David Haigh, Ferrari’s Brand Finance CEO stated that “Ferrari inspires more than just brand loyalty, more of a cultish, even quasi-religious devotion. It’s brand power is indisputable”.

The vehicle brand is instantly recognisable the world over. The car maker made it to the top spot for its desirability, loyalty, consumer sentiment, visual identity, online presence and employee satisfaction.

The Ferrari factory and museum in Maranello is a popular destination for our school tours and private tours alike.

Check out the impressive facility at Maranello here: