Falcons to patrol skies over Colosseum

Rome, 9 May – Vita Italian Tours Grand Tour of Italy has began in Rome. Here is Mario and the group today after a visit to Italy's most famous landmark: the Colosseum.

Falcons are being introduced to protect Rome’s Colosseum from ruin. Numbers of nesting seagulls, blackbirds and ravens have increased which according to experts has, in recent years, contributed to the rapid decay of the famous monument. Many of the birds peck away at the facade to hide stores of seeds which intern then germinate and weaken the fragile parts of the stonework. 

Pest control experts believe falcons or hawks would be the best and most environmentally sustainable method of protecting the building from the birds.

The Colosseum is due to receive a 25 million euro restoration over three years funded by Diego Delle Valle, owner of Le Marche based fine shoe and leather goods brand Tod’s.

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