Da Vinci Painting Sold for Bargain Price. An agreement has been made between the Polish Government and the  Czartoryski family of Poland for the sale of a private world class collection of artworks, artifacts and historical items for a bargain 100 million Euro ($1.5m AUD). Negotiations took place between Adam Czartoryski, a descendent of Princess Izabela Czartoryski who built up the collection from 1802. The entire collection has an estimated worth of about 2 billion Euro.




When questioned about the low price of the sale Mr Czartoryski's response was that he wished to continue the Legacy of his ancestors who worked in the best interests of the Polish Nation. Mr Czartoryski, head of the Czartoryski family and the Foundation which looks after the collection also stated that he wanted to make a donation to Poland and as Head of the Foundation he was able to make the decision. The collection was stolen by Nazi forces during World War Two but later returned to its owners.

The collection includes a rare painting "Lady with an Ermine", one of only four portraits of women painted by Da Vinci in 1490. The painting depicts a young woman, Cecilia Gallerani from the court of Milan, the mistress of Ludovic Sforza, Duke of Milan.





Apart from the Da Vinci painting, the collection contains a Rembrant "Landscape with the Good Samaritan", drawings by Renoir, Manuscripts by Chopin and Etruscan and Greek vases. The Da Vinci painting and part of the collection is currently on display in Krakow.

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