Vita Italian Tours – Providers of Guided Tours of Italy

Join owners and tour leaders Mario and Viny Vitellone and their son Gianni as they share their love, passion and extensive knowledge of Italy to ensure you have a truly memorable experience.

Vita Italian Tours specialise in personally guided tours of Italy within small groups.

Vita means life and a Vita Italian Tour ensures you experience the Italian way of life.

A Vita Italian Tour is more than just a holiday. You will experience all that Italy has to offer: the history, the culture, the scenery, the life, the food and the people.

Each guided tour of Italy is specifically designed for you to:

Discover the beauty of a countryside dotted with ancient hill towns and castles

Immerse you in a culture where the past and present live in perfect harmony

Experience the life, the people and the music

Taste the abundance of exquisite local cuisine and famous wines

Enjoy the local Italian lifestyle with our informal and relaxed itineraries

Mario Vitellone
Director/Tour Leader

Born in Italy, Mario is a University graduate in Languages and European History with a second degree in International Studies. He’s lived and studied in Italy for extensive periods since 1975.

Mario can speak fluent Italian and has been working with the Italian Community in Australia on a professional basis since 1988. He has taught Italian at TAFE level for a number of years and runs his own private Italian school focusing on Language, Culture and Travel.

Viny Vitellone
Director/Tour Leader

Italian-born University graduate in Sociology and Linguistics, Viny has been a Primary school teacher and teacher of Italian for the last twenty years. She studied Italian in Siena and has lived in Italy for extended periods since 1975. Her love for Italian culture and food has resulted in her developing a strong link with the life in Le Marche Region.

Mario and Viny have travelled extensively in Italy. When not in Australia, they make their home in Pesaro, Le Marche. Here, they've developed strong links with the community and gained an intimate knowledge of the culture of the region.

Mario and Viny have a love and passion for the history, culture and the Italian way of life, and they would like to share it with you.

Join them in a guided tour of Italy where they’ll help you discover new and exciting experiences.

Gianni Vitellone

Gianni was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and has a background in International Business, Languages and European History. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, North and Central America and Asia, and is bilingual in English and Italian.

As a tour leader and driver, Gianni has worked with Vita Italian Tours since 2006, leading guided tours of Italy for both adults and school groups. When in Italy, Gianni lives in the seaside city of Pesaro in the Le Marche Region.

He has a friendly and caring nature, and is very passionate about Italian culture, food and wine.